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October 2015

Pulla Baking at the Scan Centre – Sunday, 25th October, 2015

Grrrrrr….  What was that?!  A passing gravel truck?

Grrrrrrr….  No. That’s clearly the sound of a 747 landing at YYC.

Grrrrrrr…!  Maybe a tiger, waiting in ambush, ready to pounce?

GRRRRRRRRR!!!  Ah!  That’s the sound of more than a dozen stomachs growling in unison at the smell of fresh-baked pulla (perhaps we would have been safer with the tiger).  Who knew that one basic recipe could be so versatile?  On Sunday, 25th October, at the experienced hands of the CFCA’s master bakers, the chewy, buttery, dough was coaxed into beautiful braided loaves (pulla), glistening blueberry-filled buns (mustikka pullat), and cinnamon rolls (korvapuusti). There was great attendance for this, the final baking workshop of the year. Can’t wait until the new year and new recipes!

braiding pulla
fresh pulla from the oven
mustikka pullat ready for the oven
packing up some delicious korvapuusti

Karjalan Piirakka (Karelian Pie) Workshop (Oct. 18, 2015)

This weekend, our members tried their hand at making Karjalan Piirakka: a specialty Finnish dish from the Karelian region. Was a great turn out of people, and the pies were delicious!

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Delicious Rye Bread (June 21, 2015)

The day after a wonderful Midsummer celebration, many CFCA members once again came together over food! This time, it was to learn to bake delicious rye bread from scratch. Members worked long and hard in the hot kitchen of the Scan Centre, producing beautiful loaves of delicious bread. Additional baking workshops are planned throughout the year; so watch the “Upcoming Events” posts!

Baking at the Scan Centre
Baking at the Scan Centre
Rye bread. Yum!
Rye bread. Yum!

Midsummer Celebration (June 20th, 2015)

On Saturday, June 20th, 2015, the CFCA once again hosted another successful Midsummer Celebration. We booked a spot at Edworthy Park, where members young and old came together with their blankets, chairs, bbq sausages, berries, and pancakes to celebrate the summer solstice.

Good food and good friends! (photo by M. Peuramäki-Brown)
Good food and good friends! (photo by M. Peuramäki-Brown)

Despite a bit of rain late in the afternoon, the day was wonderful and even brightened by rainbows! When the clouds cleared, many of us partook in a game of Mölkky on the lawn. The competition was intense, but fun nonetheless.


Midsummer rainbow (photo by M. Peuramäki-Brown)
Midsummer rainbow (photo by M. Peuramäki-Brown)

“The Block — Get Yourself There” Event (Mar. 4, 2015)

On March 4, 2015, members of the CFCA met at The Block restaurant in Calgary ( for a “Get Yourself There” event. The owners/operators of The Block are brothers Kai and Timo Salimäki, who have been very generous in their support of the CFCA. Our members had a wonderful time, enjoying many of the delicious menu offerings, including salmon gravlax, as well as indulging in some great beverages. We look forward to our next visit!

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