Membership in the Calgary Finlandia Cultural Association (CFCA) includes club newsletters and related correspondence, along with event participation.

Perhe (family, 2+ individuals) = $35 / vuosi (year)              

Henkilö (individual)*: $20 / vuosi (year)

*Individuals 80+ years of age pay NO membership fee, but must register.

Download the form (CFCA Membership Form) and send to the following address with selected payment option:

Ole hyvä ja toimita jäsenmaksu rahastonhoitajalle tai postita shekki ja tämä lomake (CFCA Membership Form):

Calgary Finlandia Cultural Association

739 – 20 Ave NW, Calgary, AB, Canada, T2M 1E2

OR if using e-transfer option

Membership Form Disclaimer

This document is a comprehensive disclaimer against any damages and/or liabilities against the Calgary Finlandia Cultural Association (”Board”). The Association and Board shall not be held liable for theft, fire, or loss of, or damage to any property on Association property or during an Association meeting, trip, cultural endeavour, or event sponsored by the Association. The Association and the Board shall not be held liable, directly or vicariously, for any accident, upset, injury or death to any person or persons, while such person or persons, whether members of the Association or not, are on Association property or attending an event, trip, endeavour or gathering sponsored by, paid for by, or organized by the Association, alone or in conjunction with any other organization or company. Neither the Board nor the Association shall be held responsible for any accident, negligence, damage, injury, theft, death, financial loss, or loss of property caused by an outside or contracted agency or person or any Association member or any guest or family member of an Association member or Board member.