Picture1.pngThe Little Finns classes are BACK!

The Little Finns classes will be held on Sundays from 4-6pm at the Valhalla Hall and Heritage Room of the Scandinavian Centre (unless otherwise stated). Dates of upcoming classes are listed below:

Location: Valhalla Hall and Heritage Room of the Scandinavian Centre.

Dates and Times:

Sundays at 4-6pm on the following dates:

October 17 (Confederation Park, Rosemount Community Center, 10 St NW)

November 21

January 16

February 13

March 20

April 10

May 15

June 12

The class will run from 4-6pm MST. The kids will listen, speak, read and write Finnish through various activities and play, with breaks in between.

All kids over 3 are welcome. Lots of fun activities and games are planned for this year.

Please inform Heini Oguike at heini.oguike@gmail.com if your child would like to attend. We plan each class based on the attendees. Hope to see your kids in the classes!

For any questions, please email finlandiacalgary@gmail.com and to sign up email heini.oguike@gmail.com.