Are you finding yourself bored at home with the COVID-19 social distancing protocols? Try some of our Finnish activities to keep yourself and your little ones occupied while staying close to home!

Try some Moomin-themed crafts for children! Instruction sheets for each craft are available for download here:

Check out from the Kansallin en Audiovisuaalinen Instituutti to watch some Free Finnish Movies!

Try learning Finnish!

Courses for children are available through the School of Long Distance Education (SDE) available here:

Free Finnish educational material for children is also available here:

Try the Lukulumo App with over 100 Finnish children’s audiobooks available free of charge at:

User ID: lukulomokoti    Password: 987654321

Or try the Satusaapas App- A brand new fully voiced online children’s story book for reading, teaching and learning finnish:

Satusaapas App- Uudenlainen mobiilisovellus lapsille satuhetkiin, lukemisen opetteluun sekä Suomen kielen opiskeluun:

Stay tuned for updates on traditional Finnish recipes to try at home!